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Upper Limb Orthopedic Bracing

Upper Limb Orthoses

Our 20+ years of experience brings you custom, reliable orthopedic bracing to help you return to your normal activities. With mobility and strength in mind, the appropriate brace can help you as you recover from a stroke, accident or can assist with a lifelong condition. Ready to learn more?

Check out some of the services we provide below:

  • Wrist Hand Orthosis (WHO)
    • Carpal Tunnel Bracing
    • Custom Wrist/Hand Orthosis (WHO) to prevent deformities and pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis, as well as other conditions
  • Elbow Orthosis
    • Cubital Tunnel Bracing
    • Bracing for contracture management
  • Fracture Bracing
    • Humeral Fracture Orthosis for proximal (upper), mid shaft fractures or distal (lower) fractures of the humerus
    • Elbow Orthosis for stabilization of distal (lower) humerus, proximal (upper) radial or ulnar fractures
    • Hand and/or Finger Fracture Orthosis

We’re your trusted guide throughout this entire process. Let us help you find the right orthopedic brace to help you heal better and get back to being you.
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